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Sorry for the delay in uploading everyone, as well as my part-time job i've been ill for the past few days. Rest assured the review of the penultimate episode of Primeval Series 4 will be up soon then the look at Bratz Collector 2018, not to mention more Primeval Fan Contributions and starting on the Primeval Series 5 reviews before Christmas- and reviews of every episode of Doctor Who Series 11 starting October, for better or for worse! In other news, Youtube's Carnage Counts has now taken a look at both Series 1 and 2 of Primeval! And in the lack of Pokemon or Zelda or future Resident Evil news, why not take a look at Youtuber Kuuribro; who has just finished blind Nuzlockes of Pokemon Y and Moon with Black/White in the future, and is Randomizing Zelda Ocarina Of Time and planning a Resident Evil 4 Playthrough! (both for 13+ viewers, Anomaly21 takes no responsibility for any unsuitable Youtube or other site content)

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