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Hey everyone! We've been snowed in NO HEATING AND NO INTERNET AND A BROKEN TOILET for over a week, so apologies for the delay in posts. The Bratz Gallery 2006 is now complete; next, more Primeval Season 3 and 4!!

P.S. Found out that elsewhere Primeval is known as 'Nick Cutter Les Portes Des Temps', which i think translates to 'Nick Cutter And The Portals Of Time'! A cheesy but awesome title- moreso than the new Doctor Who logo... (also lol at someone seeing it post-Cutter and being like 'great but why is it called 'Nick Cutter'?')

P.P.S. No reviews as busy with Primeval stuff and life stuff etc, but just a quick note that Paddington 2 is on dvd now and Jumanji 2 should follow suit- i'm not even a fan of Jumanji 1, but watched it with such fans and we were all equally delighted by it both as a 'Jumanji' movie and a video game/time travel movie!

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