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Primeval Series 1-2 Fan Contributions list up, Bratz 2004 Gallery and Primeval Series 3 Episodes 4 & 5 Reviews coming soon! N.B. Apparently the next Who series will be 10x 50-minute-long-episodes not 13x 45-to-50-minute-long episodes. Well done finding a way to dishearten me regarding Series 11 ASIDE from the new Doc(polls and comments STILL holding at a roughly 55%Yes 45%No rate a good few months later)- surely giving her and the new team MORE stories would give them more of a chance e.g. 'Not sure about the series but there was one or two good stories so...'. Just not sure making some eps a bit longer is worth it, we already get series openers/finales/specials like that and they get complaints and praises same as all the others. And where will the two-parter(s)/trilogies/cliffhangers fit? Oh, and probably just me but 'brave new closer-to-1-hour-episode featuring Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall' makes me think '9.30 drama/ITV drama' not '6.45 sci-fi adventure'...

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