Anomalies & Sightings- recommendations

Secondhand Finds- April/

May 2018; Monster High/MH Science Cleo, Bratz/BZ Fashion Show Yasmin, BZ Wildlife Cloe, BZ Pampered Petz Yasmin, BZ Cloe, BZ Swimwear Cloe, BZ Wildlife Yasmin, '10's Alice, MH Freak Du Chic Gooliope (pic 1, most mint cond.) 

'80's Steffi, '00's rubber pose Sindy, '00's fairy Barbie, Sindy clone Wendy, MyScene 

Kennedy, MyScene clone, La Dee Da Fairytale Dance Tylie(pic 2, all good cond.) 

BZ Dynamite nevra, BZ Birthday Sasha 2x, BZ Wanted Meygan, BZ Welcome Fabulous Cloe, BZ Welcome Fabulous Yasmin, BZ Sleepover Jade, BZ Rock Angelz stage/drum kit/keyboard etc, BZ 2004'5 catalogues,

BZ Hot Summer Dayz Jade

card/bikini/surfboard etc (pics 3,4,most mint cond.) 

BZ Boyz Formal Funk Eitan, Boyz Motorcycle Cade, Boyz Funk Out? Eitan, Boyz Sportz Cameron, Boyz Koby, 4 Ever Best Friend/4E Calista, Boyz Eitan, 4E Noelle (pic 5, most mint cond.)


BZ Sportz Cloe, '90's lever Barbie Shelly, MyScene working Fab Faces Kennedy, BZ Kidz Cloe, BZ Funk Out Dana, BZ Icandy

Cloe, BZ Yasmin, MyScene Westley, BZ nevra (pic 6, some mint cond.)  

Eurovision 2018 Picks; 

(in order of broadcast) 

(televote+country points) 

Ukraine-17th Place 

119pts>130pts final score

'Under The Ladder'


Good Show Opener

My Pick 2018 

Austria-3rd Place 

71pts>342pts final score

'Nobody But You'

Caesar Sampson 

Estonia-8th Place 

102pts>245pts final score

'La Forza'

Elina Nechayeva 

Norway-15th Place 

84pts>144pts final score

'That's How You Write A Song' 

Alexander Rybak 

Finland-25th Place 

23pts>46pts final score


Saara Aalto 

Moldova-10th Place 

115pts>209pts final score

'My Lucky Day' 



Dishonourable Mentions- Italy 'Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente' Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro-5th 

Weak Show Finisher 

Australia 'We Got Love' Jessica Mauboy-20th 

Israel 'Toy' Netta-1st 

Weak Show Winner 

Lithuania'When We're Old' leva Zasimauskaite-12th 

(all dolls 1-3 British pounds)


Secondhand Finds- June' July 2018; '00's Barbie Princess(?), Bratzillaz glass eyed Yasmina Beach(clothes

by me),'00's Ken brunette articulated, '00's Ken blonde articulated, '80's Barbie green eyed red lips, '00's Barbie ginger green eyed jointed elbows, '00's Barbie dark skinned grey eyed, '80's Hasbro 1987 Sindy Paul(?)(Pics 1/2/3, some mint cond.) 

'90's Totsy 1995 ginger panther tattoo Action Man clone(?), '90's Barbie plum lips articulated,'10's Disney

Elsa articulated,'00's Boyz Cameron part flock stubble

Safari(?),'00'sBoyz Cameron

platinum Sun Kissed Summer(?), '00's Cloe less makeup, '00's Sasha green eyed, '00's Yasmin(Pics 4/5,

most good cond.) 

Bonus 2016 Charity Find; '60's Barbie American Girl Titian Bob(?) in original swimsuit(outfit by relative's

'60's Living Barbie dark haired), painted fingernails,

MATTEL 1958 JAPAN mark,

British two pounds fifty pence(amongst '90's ones).

Bonus 2017-19 Buys; 80% of all '10's Monster High & Ever After High girls/boys, good/mint condition w/accessories'pets,average1 to 8 pounds each. Boxed ones; Winning Werewolves Clawdeen'Clawd, Garden Ghouls Toralei, Electrified Silvi,Shriekwrecked Catrine,

Party Ghouls Rochelle, Dance Fright Away Deuce,

Also 'Collection'guidebook, several Minis&diaries,Freak Du Chic circus, Coffin case.


Secondhand Finds Aug'Sep  2018(Pic 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc) 



'70's/'80's Sindy(h'2 GEN 1077 033055X) 

'60's/'70's Sindy(h'MADE IN HONG KONG)(cut eyelashes) 

'60's/'70's Sindy(h'MADE IN HONG KONG)

'60's Sindy teen Patch (b'MADE IN HONG KONG)(glances right not left?)

'10's glass eyed static(h'3x japanese kanji x in l,b'S8 mermaid MADE IN CHINA) 

'60's/'70's static hollow twins(b'PLAYMATES) 

'60's/'70's Daisy SAS Airlines?(b'cOPTIMUM MACAO) 

'90s Sindy tiara?(b'Sindy) 

'90's Sindy posed?(b'sound


1986 Barbie Rockers(b'c MATTEL INC 1966 CHINA) 

'80's Barbie(h'c1976 MATTEL INC,b'c MATTEL INC 1966 CHINA) 

'80s Barbie(h'cMATTEL INC


'60's clone Barbie/Bild Lili (b'Dantox MADE IN HONG


'90sBarbie posed?(h'c1995


'00's Barbie jointed'feet?(h'

cMATTEL INC 1998,b'1999 Mattel Inc CHINA) 

'00's Myscene Sutton grin (h'c2003 MATTEL INC, b'c 1975,1999 Mattel Inc CHINA) 

'90's Disney Pochahontas (h'cDISNEY,b'cSIMBA-TOYS


'80's clone rose hair hollow (b'MADE IN HONG KONG)

'80's clone auburn(b'MADE


'80's clone grey eyed (h'?, b'MADE IN CHINA) 

'80's clone long blonde (h' WELL WELL, rebodied from hollow damaged body) 

'80's clone purple eyed (rebodied from hollow) 

'00's Bratz Cloe Football 

'00's blue hair jointed feet (mermaid? h'cDisney,b'h Simba MADE IN CHINA) 

'10's Elena Avalor molded slippers?(h'DISNEY,b'364 3HF2 c2012 Mattel 1186 MJ 1 NL MADE IN CHINA) 

'10's Kelly brown cat print 

'10'sKelly pink sweets print

Secondhand Finds Oct'Nov' Dec 2018(Pic 1,2,3,4,5 etc) each 1 to 5 British Pounds 

'00's Barbie Dalmatian boxed w'full outfit'pet 

'00's Ken articulated full original outfit

'00's Barbie 3/4 size/teen dancer original hairdo/ choker/molded shoes 

'90's Kelly original dummy/ dungarees 

'80's/'90's reboot Sindy

'70's/'80's Sindy fully articulated brunette 

'70's/'80's Sindy fully articulated blonde full '80s catalogue outfit keep fit 

'80's Sindy Nursing Hospital

complete- original working playset w'cupboards'xray, instructions, nurse uniform' shoes'headband, pyjamas' slippers'dressing gown, bed

w'pillow'cover'bedding, full cutlery set, full dinner plate set, cups/glasses/jugs, coat hangers, fruit/cake, radio, clipboard, flowers,trolley w'

mini gas cylinders, books w'pages, syringe, scissors, scalpel, blood pack w'lead, mask w'lead, bowl/dish, gift box, xrays'head'chest'arms' legs, original box art. 

'80's Sindy pastel stripe outfit w'jacket, top, skirt 

'80's Sindy fuchsia stockings

bead necklace, purple sandals, pink pumps 

'80's Sindy b/w uniform w' shirt, skirt w'apron 

'00's Ken longer hair'checks 

'90's Barbie auburn curls green eyed w'earrings, join elbows'choker'paint pants 

'90's Barbie articulated w' lilac'pink'white long hair 

'10's Barbie hazel hair/eyes molded flowery swimsuit, fuchsia'white trainers 

'00's Barbie highlighted blonde'brown hair, bendy rubber torso,orange sandals

'70's-'10's assorted clothes; Barbie princess blue deluxe dress, Sindy white/pink flowery nightie(?), silver diamond gown, white bra, Barbie pink minishorts, plaid turqoise pyjama bottoms, crop vest, Wild Hair Sindy zebra gilet'vest'skirt, white/pink 'punk' leggings, jacket, silver jacket, white lacy skirt, Barbie color

wheels tshirt, white/red faux

tie tshirt, blue shorts, tiny black/ strapless dress, Barbie 'B' pastels vest.  

'10's Sweethearts clone doll brown/yellow highlights '80's doll green hair 

'80's doll orange hair 

'15's Shimmer Shine Imma doll green/yellow/pink hair 

'70's-'90's assorted clothes; beige flowery sleeveless dress'apron,white lacy pants

black/ lacy sleeveless dress,white socks, blue/white lacy sleeved dress, Sindy color vest, blue bird'yellow sun'red cloud' white sleeveless dress, blue/ red/white sailor shirt, silver capsleeved leotard, white tights, white shortsleeve jacket. 

white/purple big shortsleeve shirt, green trousers,redblue

plaid shorts, red sleeved jacket, flowery sleeveless dress, pink/silver sleeveless dress, orange/ white sleeveless dress. 

'15's Barbie brown curls green eyed(now rebodied) '90's Barbie blonde purple eyed fuchsia wavy heels '00's Barbie brown hair'eyes

white boots 

'15's Barbie d.brown hair' eyes glittery heels 

'10's Disney Anna clone blonde plaits green eyes freckles(now rebodied) 

'00's Bratz Yasmin hair'eyes brown whitepantsbow baby

'10's Disney Anna ginger short hair green eyes fully articulated tights  

'10's Descendants Evie fully articulated original outfit' jewellery'plait(no jacket) 

'10's Ever After Blondie1st fully articulated original outfit'jewellery'bag(no ring) 

'10's Ever After Holly Spring Unsprung fully articulated original outfit'jewellery'hair highlights(no ring'shrug) 

'10's Monster High Rochelle Ghouls Night Out fully articulated original outfit' jewellery'no bag'accessories

'15'sDisneyFairies Periwinkle

molded strapless leotard 

'10's Disney Anna clone ginger plaits green eyes 

'10's Barbie ginger brown eyed 

'00'sBarbie fully articulated eyelashes earrings 

'00's Ken fully articulated 

'00's Moxie Kellan mermaid (tail changes in warm water)

Barbie pink/blue ribbon suit

Barbie pink'purple rose skirt

Ken charcoal'silver edged tunic/charcoal 3/4 leggings '10's tiny black''pink flowery dress 

'00's Barbie pink'green flowery top 

'70's brown corduroy skirt 

'10's tiny plastic leggings 

'80's Sindy catalogues 4x Fashion Parade 84'The 85 Collection'Portrait Of A Superstar'Every Girls Dream

SecondhandFinds Jan'Feb2019

'80's-'10's Barbie'Bratz'Sindy' MyScene food'drink'shoes'etc

'70's-'10's Barbie'MyScene' Sindy boys clothes

'70's-'10's Barbie'MyScene' Bratz'HelloKitty girls clothes

'80/90's Ken blondemoulded 

'80/90's Barbie whitelonghair blueeyes bentarm black'silver choker'ring'earrings twistwaist

'80/90's Barbie blonde back lever'blinksblueeyes twistwaist

'80/90's Barbie blondeplait iceeyes twistwaist whitepants staticleg lilacballetpumps

'90/00's Barbie blonde joinarm

blueeyes statickneepads button=rollerskates

'90/00's Ken browncurlhair iceeyes bentarm

'00's Barbie hazelhair blueeyes

'00's Barbie brown browneyes

'00/10's Barbie blondepurple blueeyes purplelips joinlimbs

'00/10's Ken blonde blueeyes joinlimbs fulloutfit 

'00/10's Barbie blonde green eyes pinkmouldedbikini

'90/00's Barbie fuchsia'white bike blue wheels

'90/00's Barbie pink bike black


'90/00's Barbie lightblue case lilac handle'wheels

'90's Barbie pink embossed 3-compartment case w'handle

'90's Kelly pink PowerWheels buggy button=horn'laugh' white wheels'steering'seatbelt

'80/90's Barbie pink'clear case

'10's Fairies set Zarina outfit

'10's Winx set Prince Sky outfit

'10'sWinx Aisha joinlimbs outfit

'10's Moxie Sophina Artitude

'10's Fashionistas 78FloralFrills

'10's Fashionistas 57 ZigZag

'10's Fashionistas 91 Varsity Plaiditude (MLP=MyLittlePony)

'90's MLP orange applemark

'90's MLP blue grapesmark

'90's MLP green daisy glasseye

'90's MLP big pink butterfly

'00's MLPmini cleargreen harp

'00's MLPmini clearblue moon

'00's MLPmini clearpeach star

'10'sPokemon Totodile jawsnap

'10'sPokemonFennekin headtilt


'10's Sofia1st ginger'pinkdress

'10's Sofia1st brown'lilacberet

'10'sSofiaHilda black'bluedress

'00's Pokemon Blastoise mini



'00's HelloKitty 'sweet'


'00's HelloKitty 'tennis'

'00's HelloKitty 'football'

'10's Enchantimals Sage Skunk

'10's Enchantimals Felicity Fox

'90's 'destiny' blonde white

'10's ShimmerShine Samira

10'sRapunzel Flynn brownmold

'90/00's Belle brown browneye bentarm earring dress

'00/10's SnowWhite shortblack

10's Merida gingercurl blueeye in 'Barbie' 60s/70s label dress

10's Ariel red blueeye joinwrist

00's Kidz Yasmin earrings'shoe

90/00'sKelly greeneye'redshoe

90/00's Simba brown'lilac'shoe

90's Barbie baby blondemould

'10's Ever After Pixies'children Veronicub(as MH Mouscedes)

'10's Monster High'MH Scaris Abbey(redressed from outfit)

'00's Bratz 'yasmin'Fianna'feet

'00's Kidz Yasmin pinkstreaks pinkmouldedunderwear'shoes

'00's MyScene Club Birthday Westley both outfits'stand'bag


'10's DCSuperheroGirls Batgirl

10s NoviStars AlieLectric'stand

'And who's gonna stop me? You and Barbie?' 

*sees deserted outbuildings* 'See, now i'm thinking Texas Chainsaw Massacre...' 


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